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Customer Testimonials

I first heard about Guardian Pest Control from my daughter and how pleased she was.  I live in Stonington and every fall I would have mice migrate to my attic.  I would go to bed at night and hear the pitter patter of tiny feet.

I called Guardian and they came to my house.  It was the best thing.  They not only eliminate the problem, but sprayed the foundation. Now I have the attic to myself and no more ants, or insects.  
        Carmela M. of Stonington

I’ve been a Guardian Pest Control customer for over 12 years.  Throughout that time, I could not have been more satisfied with the service.  My Guardian technician Jeff is professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly.  The Treatments always work!

I can’t recommend Guardian more enthusiastically.
        Kay C. of Branford

I have been a customer of Guardian Pest Control for many years, for general pest control at my home.  In addition, Guardian and their highly skilled professional technicians are quick to respond to any problems I have experienced over the years, such as trying to enter my home. 

Matthew, my Guardian technician is knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient.  Because of the positive experiences with this great company, I will continue to recommend Guardian Pest Control to my neighbors and friends.
        Bonnie of Waterford

As a standing customer over the past several years, I just wanted to share how satisfied I have been with the service technician Matt and the outstanding job he has done to keep my home, and surroundings bug, ant, and bee free.  From carpenter bees, wasps, to ants small and large, the service from Guardian Pest Control has been great.  Matt and the other technicians have been polite, courteous, and very respectful whenever they have come into our home.  They are efficient, and knowledgeable at what they do.

I have recommended them to my own family members are satisfied customers also. Quality products with quality service and affordable prices make for long lasting relationship.  Thank you everyone at Guardian for all you do to make my home bug free.
    Shirley & Bob of Salem

We have been customers of Guardian Pest Control since 1997.  We use them every spring when we had small problems with ants.  When we moved to Madison in 1999, Don Balint came out and examined our home and surroundings and gave us additional information on what to do.  Since we were in such a heavily wooded area we took advantage of their 60 day service for both inside and outside our home.

I have been very, very happy with all the technicians I’ve had over the years.  Jeff McKenna, my current technician is extremely thorough, comes ASAP if I call with a problem and has a very pleasant personality.  All the technicians, including Liz are very reachable and will change appointments at a moment’s notice.  I have been very pleased with the work done by Guardian.
    Colleen of Madison

We have used Guardian Pest Control for about ten years.  We are very happy with the service.  We use both their insect and mice services.  They integrate both treatments so that extra visits are not necessary.
Our technician Chris is on time and performs the service in a professional manner.  We have a number of special requests as where to treat and he remembers every time.

Chris arrives when the appointment is scheduled and I feel comfortable with his work.  When he inspects inside the house I go with him and he is very thorough.  He remembers the details of our house and knows what to check in each area.  When he is done I know the house is in good shape.

If we have a separate problem such as a bee, or hornet nest around the side of the building he will come out immediately and take care of it.  I don’t like dealing with nests and it is comfortable to know that he is available when needed.

Chris is our steady technician and we greatly appreciate not having a new tech every visit.  He knows our situation and I don’t have to go over the details each time.  I can be sure that the mice stations outside are placed where they should be, and properly secured.  I do not have to double check Chris’s work.  
The office staff at Guardian is very helpful.  My wife has medical needs and they are always willing to adjust the schedule to allow her to sleep later in the morning.  They are courteous and have always called back on any questions.

I tend to ask many questions, and Chris and the staff at Guardian have always answered my questions in detail.  I feel comfortable with the technology they use both inside and outside the house.
    John and Gail of Clinton

Last summer with all the rain I had a really bad problem with mosquitos.  The kids and I couldn’t even go outside without getting bitten.  I was really disappointed about not being able to enjoy the outdoors after being stuck inside all winter.  A friend of mine had told me about Guardian Pest Control, and their new “Fight the Bite” program for mosquitos, fleas, and ticks.  I figured that it would be great to have the kids able to play outside without the worry of getting any bites from disease carrying bugs. 

After one application, we were able to enjoy the outdoors again.  This spring, I wasted no time and had the treatment on my lawn start right away.  I recommend this to everyone.  Not only will you be able to enjoy being outside again without having to smell like bug spray, you won’t have to worry about your outdoor pets bringing in fleas or ticks.  Mike thanks for the great service.  
    Katrina E. of Old Lyme


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