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COCKROACHES: Roach Exterminator

About Cockroaches: Just about everybody knows what a cockroach looks like. We often jokingly stated that if anything could survive a nuclear war, it would be a cockroach. They are real survivors. Cockroaches have changed little during the 400 million years they have been around. Most species are of tropical or subtropical origin. Although they are not social insects, they are gregarious, or commonly occur in groups. They will feed on practically anything of nutritive value.  Also known as the "Roach".

Roaches Eggs

Cockroaches are among the most important pests of households and commercial establishments. Not only is their mere presence a nuisance, but they are known to be capable of carrying many common disease pathogens, as well as causing allergic reactions in many people. The more common of such diseases include food poisoning, diarrhea, and dysentery. Of the approximately 4,000 living species of cockroaches in the world, about 70 occur in the United States and about 30 live comfortably with humans. Only a few of these cockroaches species inhabit man’s dwellings. The most common species in Connecticut are the German, Brownbanded, and American.


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