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Posted by Brendan on November 29, 2015


One of the first questions I get when I tell people my field of expertise is, "what do you do in the winter?" In fact winter doesn't slow down the business much due to overwintering insects, and rodents. When the temperature drops, rodents look for shelter and warmth from nearby homes and buildings. Once inside they look for a source of food and water to wait out winter.

Mice love to explore their surroundings; they have poor eye sight so they use their sense of smell and hearing to guide them. Mice will feed up to 20 different times a day, traveling up to 50 feet to do so. They will feed on almost anything but prefer seeds and nuts. One female mouse can produce 11 litters with 42 young a year. Baby mice are weaned after 30 days and can start breading after two months. Mice do not hibernate, they will venture out over the snow and hunt for food, often you can see mouse tracts in the snow around homes.

It is important to maintain a regular service through the winter to keep rodents from entering your home, or building. At Guardian Pest Control our winter pest control consists of a few different strategies. Our most popular technique is treating your home with PRO-PELL.

PRO-PELL is an all-natural repellent made up of essential oils that contain the smells and tastes that rodents hate. The oils bind to the foundation and are not easily washed off. Mice sense of smell is 2.5 times greater than humans. They feel most comfortable when they can run alongside walls with their whiskers touching. This puts their nose right next to the foundation which has been treated with PRO-PELL. The smell forces the mice to go elsewhere preventing them from entering the structure.

We have other options available as well including, rodent one time service, and rodent exclusion program. No matter what service you decide to go with Guardian Pest Control will get the job done right! So make sure you have a regular winter pest control service, and keep the rodents out!

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