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Posted by Brendan on January 13, 2017

Winter means cold weather and rodents are just like humans they need shelter from the elements. Mice are definitely active in the winter they do not hibernate so this means you are going to notice them much more because now they are coming inside your home. There are a few things you can do to try and cut down the access they have to your home. Mice are great at finding ways inside your home from corners of the house, bilco door gaps, dryer vents, a/c lines, oil pipes, garage doors, and any other small space they can find. You can try and minimize entry by sealing these areas up, we offer an exclusion program where we seal all visible entry points with copper mesh, and then we set traps in areas of activity, and apply an all-natural repellent to the exterior foundation of your home. You can also set some traps in the house if you don't mind messing with mice cadavers, try placing traps in the basement or attic depending on where the activity is. There are some things you can buy at a hardware store like little peppermint packages that sometimes will help detour the critters. Just a week ago we did an exclusion for a customer that had dozens of mice in his basement and so many droppings it was atrocious. We were able to locate several entry points that we sealed and placed mechanical devices in areas of activity and applied the repellent to the foundation. Within the week we had caught over a dozen mice, now we will monitor and see if we caught them all. Then we will continue to apply the repellent through the winter so as to stop any new mice from establishing their residence in our customer’s home.

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