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Lyme Disease and Tick Forecast 2017

Posted by Brendan on March 10, 2017


Absolutely rodents and Lyme are related! Rodents are carriers of many types of diseases including Lyme, mice are also the favorite host for Ticks. If you do the math it doesn't take a genius to see the relation, freaky little ticks feed on the cute cuddly disease ridden mouse, gets Lyme in its system, then can attach to our domestic animals, pets, children, you, and me then they transmit the disease to us. In the last two years Connecticut has seen a large increase in rodent activity and with them come the ticks. They will grab onto a mouse for food and end up getting a free ride (meals on wheels anyone?) then they get full of blood and may get full of a number of diseases then drop off into the next yard to continue their life cycle. Take a look at this article released this week on NPR

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