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Posted by Brendan on February 8, 2016

slimer.jpg Ghostbusters-1984-Wallpaper-611.jpg

When you have a ghost you know exactly who to call, GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!

So when you have rodents who do you call?


Any time I see one of our technicians getting ready for the day I always think of the Ghostbusters. We deal with the creepy, crawly, disgusting insects that only a professional would ever be able to handle. We always have a ton of equipment and gadgets on hand ready to exterminate the "baddies". We have special equipped vehicles for the situation. We even have our own theme song!

So a week ago I got a call from one of our valued Christmas Decor customers telling me they had rodents. I was able to go out the next day to have a look. I quickly realized she was right, and after evaluating the situation we both decided our exclusion program was the best fit for her. 

Our technician Jared and I were able to find several entry points on the exterior of the house which we sealed off. We then set traps in areas of activity, and applied our all natural product ProPell to the exterior. The 3 fold attack as we call it does a great job at eliminating rodents. 

Within a few days we had caught the mice that were inside, and the ProPell barrier coupled with the sealing material prevented any more rodents from entering the house.


So Like I said, when you have Ghosts definitely call Ghostbusters. But when you have rodents don't call Ghostbusters....Call GUARDIAN!!!!!

"Got some rodents, in the neighborhood"

"Who ya gonna call...."


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